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General Counsel Services: Business & Securities Law

Corporate Formation

 It's incredibly important to choose the correct form for your company and create it with your endgame in mind.  I will help you protect that vision through all of the stages of your venture. 

Compliance & Corporate Records

Corporate compliance is key in protecting you from litigants who may try to "pierce the corporate veil" and go after your personal assets.  My general counsel services will keep help you maintain the compliance safeguards to keep you safe. 

Contracts & Employment Law

 I will create the contracts that you need to keep your company growing, including employment contracts.  And, should there be an employment dispute, I am here to help you through it. 

Utah Registered Agent Services

A Utah company is required to have a registered agent for service of process in the State of Utah.  Whether you are a domestic or foreign company, I will give you peace of mind by providing that service for you. 

Company Capital Raises

 Is it time to raise capital for your growing business?  If so, it must be done in compliance with both state and federal securities laws - and it must make sense to your investors.  I will help you on all fronts with this vital part of your business. 

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Business Litigation

 If you have a dispute that needs to be resolved, I can help.  99% of my cases are settled 

before they get to trial.